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Green House Feeding

Green House Feeding

Focusing on Simplicity

About Green House Feeding

The philosophy at Green House Feeding is to keep it simple, relying on simplicity to bring its success. The idea is to contrast with most other fertilizer brands that require each grower to buy a long list of products. By contrast, Green House Feeding provides simplicity with a user-friendly approach that has a minimum cost and minimal ingredients in a powder product. This simplicity also makes it easier to store, use, and transport the product. In addition, it provides a longer shelf life than the typical competitor.

Green House Feeding has two main categories of products, Bio Fertilizers and Mineral Fertilizers. There are three Bio products, including BioGrow, BioBloom, and Enhancer. BioGrow offers an all-in-one biofertilizer that is in a powder and excels during the vegetative growth stage. BioBloom is similar but for the flowering stage while BioEnhancer improves nutrient uptake, soil quality, and plant vitality. Mineral products from Green House Feeding include Grow, Hybrids, long Flower, short Flowering, Calcium, and Booster. Grow is ideal for the vegetative growth stage while Hybrids is for plants with hybrid flowering times. The long and short Flowering products work best with plants that have long or short flowering times, respectively. Booster adds phosphorus, micronutrients, magnesium, and potassium for fruit and flower production.



Amsterdam-Zuidoost, Amsterdam, Netherlands