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Greenleaf Nutrients

Greenleaf Nutrients

Improving Plant Performance

About Greenleaf Nutrients

Greenleaf Nutrients offers a main product, MEGA CROP, which it claims is the next generation for plant nutrients. MEGA CROP works to improve weight, size, yield, and quality of the harvest for growers of all skill levels. It relies on top nutrient ingredient sources, including multiple forms of repeated nutrients, and L-Amino Acid chelate technology.

Products from Greenleaf Nutrients incorporate NPK macronutrients. The ones used in MEGA CROP were carefully balanced into specific ratios that have been optimized for growing hemp and cannabis plants. Scientists determined these ratios in lab testing with scientific analysis. Although it was optimized for cannabis and hemp, it works for every decorative and food crop, providing incredible versatility and eliminating the need to buy multiple products. The result is 10 percent nitrogen, 7 percent phosphorus, and 18 percent potassium. Secondary nutrients include sulfur, magnesium, and calcium in careful ratios as well, specifically 2.1, 2.4, and 5.6 percent.

MEGA CROP also includes the other essential trace elements that are organic amino acid chelated. This chelation process does not produce runoff or toxic bio-metal levels like the EDTA method traditionally used. MEGA CROP from Greenleaf Nutrients works with all growing media and styles, including hydroponics, soil, aeroponics, coco coir, peat or soilless, and RDWC/DWC.



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