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Greentrees Hydroponics

Greentrees Hydroponics

Providing Everything Hydroponics Growers Need

About Greentrees Hydroponics

Greentrees Hydroponics was founded in 1992 as a small store in California and has expanded over the years. Today, the company has a warehouse in Vista, California, spanning 6,000 square feet, which serves as the location of its operations.

The most popular and famous product from Greentrees Hydroponics is its Multi Flow Hydroponic System, that has been manufactured since 1992. This system includes individual containers that let you place the plants as close together or as far apart as you need based on their size. To move a plant in the future, you just need to lift the inner pot, making it easy to adjust as plants grow.

The Multi Flow system is an ebb and flow system of a bottom feeding nature, so you never need to fiddle with drippers, even when repositioning plants. The system includes a 55-gallon reservoir, a built-in timer, a level controller, pumps, and the pots.

WaterFarm is another popular hydroponics system but in a traditional drip type style. It uses high-impact plastic for durability whether you use it inside or outside and its square design leads to efficiency.

The Greentrees Hydroponics PowerGrower Hydroponic System is a self-contained and recirculating drip hydroponic system with a three-gallon growing container and a five-gallon reservoir.

In addition to the various hydroponics systems, Greentrees Hydroponics also offers everything hydroponics growers need. Some other items include irrigation supplies, nutrients, supplements, pots, growing media, air pumps and stones, grow lights and related parts, pH adjusters, environmental controllers, fans, and air filtration.



2581 Pioneer Ave, Vista, CA 92081, USA
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