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Greenway Nutrients

Greenway Nutrients

Providing Natural Products for Growers

About Greenway Nutrients

The idea for Greenway Nutrients began in 2009 when medical marijuana was legalized in Colorado. The founders knew that most medical cannabis growers at the time relied on toxic chemicals to grow their plants. These synthetic chemicals usually left harsh odors and residues and required growers to use protective clothing. To fill the need in the market, Greenway Nutrients created an all-new line with plant-based, 100 percent organic fungicides and pesticides. These products let growers of medical marijuana see results without worrying about damage to the health of growers or buyers, or to the leaf structures of the plants.

The company has been selling its products to the medical cannabis industry since 2010, earning a strong reputation. Greenway Nutrients offers three main products. NO Spider Mites relies on a formula of natural plant oils and extracts from the company’s nano-surface technology. The formula kills mites upon contact as well as encapsulating and suffocating all eggs to put a stop to the infestation quickly. The product can even rehabilitate crops after mite damage.

NO Powder Mildew has dual lysis action and foliar technology to deliver immediate results. It also uses all-natural plant oils and extracts. The formula works by penetrating all of the spores of powdery mildew before destroying the ionic k-bonds to ensure the pathogens cannot replicate.

Finally, NO Fungus is also all-natural and dual lysis action. It maintains a clean aroma and you can put it under your choice of lights. It also adds vigor to the majority of crops.



12328 Gladstone Ave, Sylmar, CA 91342, USA