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Using Plant Science to Provide Nutrients

About Grotek

Grotek is a brand from Greenstar Plant Products and has been offering its products based on quality science for more than 20 years.

The products are of a high-performance nature and appeal to commercial and hobby growers alike. Grotek is a pioneer in the industry, having combined key organic extracts and mineral fertilizers so growers could dramatically boost the quality of their harvest.

Grotek’s vision is to build up long-term relationships that depend on trust, world-class service, and quality horticultural products. Its mission is to have its team feel empowered so they can constantly make improvements. This will hopefully lead to the company becoming the industry leader for its portion of the horticultural industry.

Additionally, Grotek wants to provide strong financial performance, effective corporate governance, and safe environmental practices. Nearly all of the ingredients used in Grotek products come from Europe and North America, with efforts made to ensure they meet the highest specifications. The product range from Grotek includes a Main Line and a Green Line.



8840 210 St, Langley City, BC V1M 2Y2, Canada