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Grow Caps

Grow Caps

Offering Simple Plant Nutrition

About Grow Caps

Grow Caps makes it simple to grow plants and provide them with the necessary nutrients. Grow Caps are capsulated polymered plant nutrition.

The design of the product is simple, so a single pack of the Grow Caps provides everything that a grower will need to take one plant from a seedling up to harvest in just one 11-liter pot. The only other thing you need to do is to water the plant, which will require 30 percent less water. The capsuled polymers in the Grow Caps do not stick to the roots. The Grow Caps will save water via water retention, which lets you use as much as 30 percent less than you would with other nutrients.

Thanks to the use of root nutrients, Grow Caps helps create healthy and strong taproots. It also provides growth nutrients to stimulate vigorous growth during vegetation. Grow Caps further includes a bloom booster to improve your yield via a boost to the flowering phase. You just need two grams of Grow Caps for each liter of soil.