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Reverse Osmosis Systems and More

About GrowoniX

One of the major products from GrowoniX is its reverse osmosis systems, which have retained their status as the most trusted brand in the industry for over a decade. These American-made systems have ultra-efficient pumping technology. They are popular not only for growers but also for water treatment industries. The products are all tested in-house to meet rigorous requirements.

Every product from GrowoniX is modular in nature, making it easy to try out the product with a smaller investment, then expand your use if you like the systems. This is great for growers who plan on expanding in the future but currently have limited needs, funds, or space.

The team at GrowoniX can also provide custom system design based on its years of experience with engineering and outfitting of filtration as well as nutrient delivery systems for agricultural water filtration.

In addition to 21 different products in the Reverse Osmosis section of the product lineup, GrowoniX also has scrubbers and nutrient delivery systems. All of these systems come in a range of shapes and sizes with varying features to offer something for all growers. You can also get individual components related to the various systems.

The Nutrient Delivery Systems can be customized and are specifically created to help commercial growers. These systems include drain-to-waste configurations plus recycle configurations. GrowoniX already figured out the nutrient schedule and growing method, finely tuning both for customers.



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