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Growth Science

Growth Science

Optimizing Plant Growth

About Growth Science

Growth Science began with the goal of creating a product that could optimize plant growth across all developmental stages without costing an excessive amount and that had science to back it.

The company feels that other plant nutrient companies that divide products into various product lines make it too challenging and expensive for growers. As such, Growth Science created its original line to give plants the essential elements they need. This results in direct nutrients that are cost-effective and maximize outputs.

The Growth Science Organics line is an additional line that shows the company’s commitment to offering professional products for growth, including for growers and their plants. This new line goes back to the organic roots of growing and was created specifically to appeal to growers who focus on organic production. The original or conventional line has a simple system with five parts to it, with Base A and Base B providing primary and secondary nutrients as well as micronutrients. Solid Start is a veg booster for explosive vegetative growth via strong roots. Rock Solid is a bloom booster to increase yield while enhancing flavor and aroma. Strength is a silica supplement to strengthen cell walls and fortify plants against potential stress. The Organic line features Grow, Bloom, Root Magic, Abundant Sea, Opulent Harvest, and Humic Tonic.



269 Mt Hermon Rd #204, Scotts Valley, CA 95066, USA
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