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Providing Organic Super Manure

About Guanokalong

Guanokalong provides growers with super organic manure that improves yield, quality, and taste. The ingredients are natural, leading to improved root zone growth.

There are also essential microelements and enzymes. The bat guano found in Guanokalong is organic as the company produces natural fertilizer using the natural ingredients from bat droppings. This is a completely natural process since bat guano has aged for years, turning into compost.

In nature, areas where the bat guano ages have healthy insects and ripe fruit, showing its potential. Guanokalong has a unique composition with enzymes, micronutrients, and macronutrients. This includes an abundance of phosphorus, which is great for rooting and also helps with flowering.

To get the most from Guanokalong powder, mix it as soon as you can with coco or soil, so it can work throughout the entire growth cycle. The powder will release its minerals gradually, stimulating microbial life to help the plant absorb more nutrients. The natural process will take anywhere from one to 12 weeks based on the organic fertilizers in the substrate. Organic fertilizers increase the microbial activities while mineral fertilizers slow it down. The NPK values in Guanokalong can vary slightly since it is completely natural. The minimum guaranteed analysis from the company, however, is at least 1+10+1. Keep in mind that as an organic fertilizer, Guanokalong is not complete. You may want to add potassium or nitrogen at key points in the growth cycle.



Tammeldijk 1, 7122 LK Aalten, Netherlands