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Hanna Instruments

Over 40 Years of Providing Products
About Hanna Instruments

Hanna Instruments was established in 1978 in Italy and by 1980, the company developed the first single-probe portable conductivity meter in the world.

Other world-first innovations from Hanna Instruments include a pH-controlled chemical dosing pump, microprocessor-based handheld pH meter, pH electrode featuring built-in temperature sensors, electronic pocket-sized pH tester, pre-amplified pH electrode, waterproof portable pH meter, replaceable electrode pH pocket tester, multi-parameter pocket tester, and others.

More recently, the company created the first pH electrode in the world with Bluetooth SMART technology. Throughout all of these innovations, Hanna Instruments has strived to make it easy to obtain analytical measurements at affordable pricing.

The company employs its own engineers to design its products and has production facilities spread across four countries. Today, the product lineup from Hanna Instruments includes electrodes and probes, solutions and reagents, testers, portable meters, benchtop meters, titrators, chemical test kits, and accessories.

270 George Washington Hwy
Smithfield, RI
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