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Heavy 16

Heavy 16

Combining Science, Performance, and Experience

About Heavy 16

Heavy 16 produces products for growers using premium raw ingredients, artisanal micro-batch blending, and complex formulations.

The goal behind the company was creating a nutrient system based on proven modern science instead of marketing hype. The founder of the company had been gardening since he was a child and studied Agriculture/Horticulture, then worked for industry leaders before beginning to formulate his own nutrients.

Heavy 16 products always use the highest-grade ingredients available and rely on complex chemistry so they are easy to apply, so customers have fewer bottles to deal with. The reliance on micro-batch blending techniques ensures peak freshness and total quality control.

The product lineup makes it easy for growers of all skill levels to use Heavy 16 products, with results that professionals will appreciate. You will find Heavy Veg – A&B, Heavy Bud – A&B, Heavy Prime, Heavy Fire, Heavy Roots, Heavy Foliar, and Heavy Finish. Each serves a different purpose and is simple to use. You can also find a nutrient calculator and foliar directions from Heavy 16 to guide your use of the products.

All products are available in a range of sizes to appeal to growers on every scale. Heavy Veg A&B will improve the overall nutrition of the plant, improve the soil and nutrient conditions to improve crop yield, and optimize the soil and nutrient conditions for the plant’s growth. Bud A&B serves a similar purpose, encouraging plant growth and the crop yield.



2201 E Willow St, Signal Hill, CA 90755, USA