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Providing Plant Fertilizers, Soil Additives, and Plant Aids

About Hesi

HESI Plantenvoeding B.V. makes and sells plant fertilizers as well as soil additives and plant aids, based out of the Netherlands. The focus of HESI’s fertilizers is high quality, something which has always been the case for the company. All products feature plant sugar, enzymes, and amino acids to provide plant health.

HESI’s balanced composition that works for all plant life cycle stages is the result of intensive research into plant metabolism. Based on that research, HESI developed fertilizers that work universally, so growers do not need to use a separate product for each of their plant species. The plants get extra energy from extra vital substances and can work on indoor plants, those in gardens, and even those on patios.

The company mixes, fills, and packages its products all within the HESI factory, using state-of-the-art technology. HESI uses the first in first out technique, batch numbers, and short storage times to ensure customers always get products with fresh ingredients.

HESI Boosters encourage the soil flora, clearing your chosen planting medium so the plant metabolism gets a boost. HESI Coco is good for hydro systems or pot cultures with the fertilizers adapted to the neutral nature of Coco, including its ability to hold calcium and other minerals. HESI Soil is ideal for those using soil substrates, without ballast materials and includes high levels of organic fertilizer. HESI Hydro provides the nutrients into the irrigation water directly, allowing for immediate absorption. OrchiVit is for orchids and HESI also sells combo packs.



Klarenanstelerweg 11, 6468 EP Kerkrade, Netherlands
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