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HM Digital

HM Digital

Specializing in Water Testing Equipment

About HM Digital

HM Digital, Inc. used to be known as Heemang Electronics and is a company that produces water testing instrumentation, letting growers test the quality of the water they use.

The products are all co-designed in the Los Angeles and Seoul locations, which are offices and ISO-9001-certified factories, respectively. The product lineup from HM Digital includes refractometers, LeakBlock Sensors, handhelds, monitors, controllers, and accessories.

There are numerous specific products from hydroponics, including handhelds, monitors, calibration solutions, storage solutions, buffers, and replacement sensors.

You can use the HM Digital handheld devices to monitor information like pH level, temperature, TDS, and electrical conductivity for your hydroponics setup.

Monitors can sit in the system for constant monitoring with similar functions, including TDS and EC monitors that are commercial grade. The solutions from HM Digital are particularly useful for bringing the pH of your hydroponics back into the ideal range.



2629 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Redondo Beach, CA 90278, USA