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House & Garden

House & Garden

Providing Plant Nutrients for Farmers and Growers

About House & Garden

House & Garden has over two decades of experience providing farmers and other growers with plant nutrients. The company describes its plant nutrient system as premium grade and state-of-the-art.

The product lineup from House & Garden includes four bases and 13 additives. The four bases include choices for every type of growing medium via Aqua Flakes, Cocos, Soil, and Bio-1. These are for hydroponics, coco mediums, soil, and specialized nutrients in soil mediums. The first three are all A/B systems. The additives work well for a wide range of plants and growth mediums, offering boosts of nutrients like aminos and nitrogen. There are also additives to stabilize the pH, assist with flowering, accelerate the root growth, ensure mediums remain clean, boost buds, and improve foliar vitality.

To determine which products from House & Garden to use and in which quantities, the company offers a nutrient calculator as well as feeding schedules. There is also an educational section of its website on gardening tips to provide customers with helpful advice.



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