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Humboldts Secret

Humboldts Secret

Providing Nutrients for Your Crops and Garden

About Humboldts Secret

Humboldts Secret provides growers with the nutrients that their plants need. The company began with Ben Garber who produces Southern California’s best flowers. He left the growing industry and saw the need for a nutrient additive that could be an all-in-one product offering simplicity and convenience. Garber worked hard to create Golden Tree and the company grew from there.

The company has its own proprietary blend in Base A&B, featuring phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, fulvic acid, magnesium, and calcium. The result allows for quick growth of flowering plants.

Golden Tree is another signature product, serving as an all-in-one option to decrease the veg time by as much as 50 percent while improving yields by up to 20 percent. Golden Tree works with all types of grow mediums, offering versatility. You can supplement these products with things like Flower Stacker to boost flowering, Tree Trunk to improve the plant’s stress resistance and strength, and CalMag & Iron to resolve common deficiencies.

Humboldts Secret also offers Sweet & Sticky for energy and carbs, Plant Enzymes, and Flower Shield, the last of which is a natural insecticide and miticide. For convenience, you can opt for one of two starter kits with a range of products.



8650 Genesee Ave, San Diego, CA 92122, USA