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Providing High-quality Liquid Fertilizers

About HY-PRO

HY-PRO is a producer and supplier, providing growers of all experience levels with liquid fertilizers. The company is Dutch and began in 1990.

The formula from HY-PRO is the result of experienced growers working together to combine their knowledge of the specific requirements of plants. The product line was created to contain all the ingredients plants need for exuberant flowering and growth. The HY-PRO liquid fertilizers work well for plants and flowers, whether they are outside, inside, or in a greenhouse.

There is a wide range of products, including those that stimulate roots (Rootstimulator), those that help optimize the leaves’ condition (Spraymix), and pH regulators to ensure the growing medium is in good condition (PH-). HY-PRO carefully formulated its products to prevent the need to use dozens of products to get quality plants. Instead, you can use a handful of HY-PRO products with great results. This is possible thanks to the company’s use of the best raw materials. It is also a result of the company’s patience and experimentation until it achieves the results that growers will want.

There are five main categories of products, including Hydro A&B, Terra, Coco A&B, Spraymix, and PH-. The first three are specifically designed to work best with hydroponics, soil, or coco mediums, respectively. This way, growers have options from HY-PRO regardless of their growing medium.



Fabrieksweg 3G, 5531 PP Bladel, Netherlands