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Providing Purification for Growers
About HydroLogic

HydroLogic Purification Systems creates a vast selection of products for water purification. These products are useful for hydroponics and gardening as well as aquariums and commercial purposes. The company offers the industry’s most efficient water purifiers, saving growers money as well as time.

The strive for efficiency at HydroLogic also comes from the growing scarcity of fresh water. In fact, the company pioneered reverse-ratio technology for reverse osmosis that saves 75 percent of drain water compared to other systems.

HydroLogic also has its own dedicated research, development, and innovation division, called HydroLogic Research. The products from HydroLogic are simple to set up and affordable, using cutting-edge technology to deliver results.

The company also prides itself on being earth-friendly, including using local labor and resources, opting for USA-made components whenever possible.

HydroLogic also uses green technologies in its products, including its green coconut carbon fiber that it makes using eco-friendly coconut husks instead of mined carbon. Specific products for gardening and hydroponics include dechlorinators and reverse osmosis.

370 Encinal St
Santa Cruz, CA
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