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About Jiffy

The Jiffy company began with the Jiffypot during the early 1950s. This innovative invention from a gardener in Oslo, Norway, is a planting pot that is made solely from compressed peat. The peat fully integrates with the plant’s root system and you transplant it with the plant. This allows for simplicity and the protection of young seedlings from the risk of transplant shock.

From there, the company grew, creating the Jiffy-7 peat pot that offers well-aerated yet compact mini cultivating pots for maximum growth. These started with nylon stockings before evolving into high-tech netting. You get a compressed fine netting with a high-quality substrate. When you add water, it expands to seven times its size. You can transplant the full-grown seedlings as a unit, including the pot as well.

Now, Jiffy also sells a range of greenhouses, including JiffyGrow, UniGrow, MultiGrow, and GiantDome. These include plastic greenhouses that have aerated shutters and are the perfect size to fit into a small space. There are also plant and seed trays with ideal domes.

Many of the products from Jiffy are 100 percent all-natural, biodegradable, and compostable. This makes them perfect for commercial organic farming. All Jiffy products rely on high-grade products and materials. Most Jiffy products use Sphagnum peat as their primary material. This is a renewable resource that is efficient and helps encourage high yield plants.

Today, Jiffy is a large company with many loyal customers around the world. In fact, more than 10 million plants are grown each day using Jiffy.



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