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J.R. Peters, Inc.

J.R. Peters, Inc.

Solutions for All Types of Growers

About J.R. Peters, Inc.

J.R. Peters, Inc. offers a range of products that work well for home gardeners, controlled environments, garden centers, and professional growers. The company works to create custom fertilizer products, including designing, manufacturing, formulating, and producing.

This is a very old company as Bob Peters started it as Horticultural Services Co. in 1947. That original company tested the soil that greenhouse growers used in addition to making crop placement recommendations. Bob’s son, Jack Peters, now runs the company under its current name.

The laboratory behind J.R. Peters has offered its horticultural analytical services for more than 70 years. The company’s laboratory ensures that all of the products have been thoroughly tested before J.R. Peters, Inc. releases them to the market. So far, the company has conducted over two million lab tests. This led to the creation of formulas that produce real results. The lab also helps with the selection and quality control of raw ingredients.

The experience of J.R. Peters, Inc. means that in addition to providing products, it can also assist with the packaging of related items, from liquids to super sacks. The company also takes environmental responsibility, using high efficiency lighting and all recycled packaging for products.

The main product lineup from J.R. Peters, Inc. is its water-soluble fertilizers that appeal to home growers and professionals alike. There are three main product lines: Jack’s Classic, Jack’s Professional, and Jack’s Controlled Environment, each appealing to a different type of grower.



6656 Grant Way, Allentown, PA 18106, USA