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Karma Genetics

Karma Genetics

Keeping It Real

About Karma Genetics

Karma Genetics is a Dutch breeder and seed bank known for producing high-yield cannabis plants. The brand has won numerous industry awards, including at the Cannabis Cup. These include 2010 honors for Karma Genetics White OG as the third placer in the indica strain category, a 2011 win for Karma Genetics Dominator as the third placer in the sativa category, and two 2014 awards for excellence for White OG V2.0.

The company’s origins began in 2008 after it bagged an award in Amsterdam at the IC420 Cup. While this was the official start of the company, the founders have been in the cannabis scene in the Netherlands since 1996 and breeding since 2000. These early years began with a coffee shop followed by a local grow shop.

Karma Genetics lives by the mantra, “Keeping It Real.” It has an open and honest breeding history and takes its time with breeding. The seeds are all bred completely in-house, with the breeders taking pride in their work and not rushing the results. As such, Karma Genetics tends to take a little longer to develop new strains than others that prioritize speed.

The OG Kush breeding lines of Karma Genetics are known globally. Some of the other incredibly popular strains include Smelly Headbanger, White OG, and Biker Kush. There are also planned collaborations between Karma Genetics and the Karma Squad, which is a collective of friends and breeders. Past collaborations include those with Hortilab to create Sour Power OG, which won the 2011 and 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup, among other honors.



Bredaseweg 207, 5038 NE Tilburg, Netherlands