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Offering Sustainable Solutions for Farmers

About Kelpak

The history of Kelpak goes back to the 1970s. Scientists discovered that brown seaweed is beneficial for plant growth and created a mechanical pressure differential process to access the usable elements in this kelp. By 1978, Kelpak had registered Cellburst patents around the world.

Via research and partnerships in the next decade, the team confirmed that their product helped plants and expanded its market beyond South Africa. The company continued innovating and expanding over the years, achieving honors and organic accreditation.

Kelpak works to give farmers an edge toward sustainability, helping them grow more resilient and healthier crops. Kelpak offers a liquid seaweed concentrate from Ecklonia maxima, a giant kelp that grows quickly.

Kelpak is unique in that its harvesting involves strict scientific protocols. Its manufacturing then takes place with cold cellular-burst extraction, a proprietary process. This process isolates the elements of kelp that help plants. Additionally, Kelpak is the only company to harvest the frond and the stem, allowing for product consistency. The kelp used gets harvested by hand by skilled divers, ensuring the raw material has a uniform age and size while minimizing the impact on the ecology in the area. Kelpak is also supported by decades of research.



CORNER MAIN AND REDHILL ROADS, Blue Waters Cl, Simon's Town, Cape Town, 7975, South Africa