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Kind LED

Kind LED

Offering Grow Lights

About Kind LED

The team of experienced growers that created Kind LED Grow Lights began the company based on their decades of experience using High-Intensity Discharge lights for yields and quality harvests.

They were skeptical about the ability of LEDs to deliver the same results while reducing electricity consumption and producing almost no heat but quickly saw what LED grow lights could do. This led to the switch to LED along with a strive to improve upon the areas in which it was lacking.

Following years of research and development, Kind LED created their K3 and K5 Series LED Grow Lights, which the company advertises as being one of a kind.

There is also a newer X-Series of Bar Lights designed to be highly versatile when it comes to growing. This lighting series has an ETL listing and an IP65 rating, with a Perfect Blend Spectrum with your choice of vegetative or flower integrations. This feature ensures the perfect photon emissions while the photosynthetic photon flux density ensures optimal photon energy quantity and concentration.

As such, the X-Series can work well for growing fruit plants, leafy greens, and more from propagation all the way to harvesting. Kind LED also offers other flower light bars for convenient setups as well as several versions of the K3 and K5 Series plus safety glasses for using the LED lights without damaging your eyes or causing temporary eye problems.



Santa Rosa, CA 95406, USA
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