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Lotus Nutrients

Lotus Nutrients

Simple, Purified Nutrients for Plants

About Lotus Nutrients

Lotus Nutrients is based in Northern California and offers a range of nutrients for growers of medicinal plants, with the products specifically formulated by medical growers who understand the requirements of these plants.

The Lotus Nutrients team includes those with decades of experience cultivating medicinal plants, including horticulturists, growers, and scientists. The team decided to create its own line of nutrients since they could not come to an agreement on any great product at the time. The goal was to deliver pure medicinal grade plant nutrients that do not require excessive mixing.

After years of research and development, Lotus Nutrients began producing its produces. It began with Pure Premium Hydroponic Plant Nutrients. The initial goal was to create a system with a three-part nutrient line so there was no need to struggle with recipes featuring eight or 10 parts. The three-part system from Lotus Nutrients provides plants all the essential nutrients they need to develop and thrive, throughout the entire development process.

The products have 15 unique natural and raw ingredients, including 13 micro and macro elements plus raw materials like plant protein hydrolysate, seaweed plant extract, and humalite. The formula is water-soluble and does not include dyes, fillers, or binders. For the perfect consistency, Lotus Nutrients mills and blends the formula.



Santa Rosa, CA 95406, USA