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About LumiGrow

LumiGrow began in 2007, offering smart lighting as well as LEDs with an adjustable spectrum. Over the years, LumiGrow has ensured its products prove their high performance repeatedly.

The company is proud to have numerous leading research and commercial horticultural centers in the world use their products instead of static LEDs or HID lighting. The company is also proud of its products’ ability to encourage high-quality crops with elevated yields.

The products from LumiGrow come from a carefully recruited engineering team that is in-house, from the lighting hardware to the software solutions. This helps ensure the highest quality along with reliability and quick deployment.

The LumiGrow Research Group is in-house and features researchers, growers, plant scientists, and PhDs. The team works with research institutions and major commercial enterprises to get their input as well. All of the findings from LumiGrow are public, letting all customers get the knowledge they need to maximize crop growth.

LumiGrow also has an extensive section of its website dedicated to resources for growers such as light planning. To make it easier to find the ideal lighting for your plants, LumiGrow encourages growers to choose their crops and then suggests specific lighting based on that decision.

There are products for cannabis, floriculture, leafy greens, vine crops, breeding, propagation, and specialty crops. Choosing the crop will also provide you with a detailed overview of that plants’ light requirements to help guide your decisions and use of the LumiGrow products.

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