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Mammoth Microbes

Mammoth Microbes

Using Nature to Maximize Crops

About Mammoth Microbes

Mammoth Microbes aims to help growers create crops that are the most productive, healthiest, and profitable possible. At the same time, the company does its best to minimize its environmental impact. This combination is possible thanks to the company’s effective and organic microbial biostimulants, which enhance plant growth. There are also other plant-derived products to control and prevent pests naturally.

Three PhD soil microbiologists from Colorado State University started Mammoth Microbes over their passion for promoting sustainable agriculture and improving soil health. The team used their own innovative technology to help incorporate nature into precision agriculture.

Mammoth Microbes specifically aims to overcome a few key challenges that growers face. These include preventing pests and maximizing yield and uptake. After all, fertilizer can negatively impact the planet and when wasted, it costs the grower money, and pests can lead to significant losses. The use of a microbial biostimulant called Mammoth P unlocks the phosphorus chemically bound in hydroponic systems or soil, making it soluble so plants can access it via their roots. It has live microbes that are self-replicating and liberate nutrients 30 times better than typical soil microbial communities. Pest prevention comes from Mammoth Biocontrol Preventative Insecticide, which uses compounds from thyme oil. This product only has plant-derived ingredients, so it is safe and there is no toxic residue.



500 E Vine Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80524, USA