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Mars Hydro

Indoor Led Grow Lights & Grow Tents
About Mars Hydro

Since 2009, Mars Hydro has been specializing building a large range of full-spectrum LED grow lights, HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lights, fluorescent light systems, hydroponic systems, as well as grow tents for indoor growing to serve your personal needs.

Mars Hydro sells directly to customers from their factory in Shenzhen, China, giving the buyer the best value compared to other lights on the market.

All lights are ETL listed for the United States and Canadian market, and CE and RoHS approved for the European market. All components contain a high standard of quality with safety assured. Mars Hydro takes quality control seriously by testing each product at least 3 times before shipment. The defective rate is controlled within 0.5%.

Mars Hydro provides 3-7 business day shipping to the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, and Russia at affordable pricing without any customs taxes added. 

They offer 3 years warranty to all LED grow lights. With repair centers in USA, Canada, AU, UK, Germany, Mars Hydro provides fast service (available 24 hours a day).

5650 Grace Pl
Commerce, CA
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