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Harnessing Norwegian Seaweed to Boost Plants

About Maxicrop

Maxicrop provides growers with seaweed that will help boost their plants. The seaweed comes from the Norwegian coastline, a location chosen for the specific type of seaweed and the combination of mineral-rich waters from mountains, Arctic waters, and the Gulf Stream.

The seaweed type sourced is Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed, which Maxicrop turns into Maxicrop Soluble Seaweed Powder. The powder has been thoroughly tested, proving its ability to boost plants. Maxicrop is a renewable non-polluting resource, minimizing its impact on the planet and making it OMRI listed so certified organic farms and gardens can use it.

Growers use Maxicrop’s seaweed as a foliar feed to provide plants with nutrients quickly via their leaves. At the same time, the Maxicrop seaweed helps the soil conditions thanks to feeding beneficial microorganisms. For the best results, Maxicrop recommends using small but repeated doses as this should maximize the results.

University studies back up the improved yields on varying crops with Maxicrop’s liquid seaweed. The Maxicrop fertilizer claims to have numerous benefits, including those already mentioned. It also has fully chelated micronutrients that make it easy for the plants to absorb them without any need for chemical decomposition. The nutrients will strengthen and feed the plant overall, promoting growth for stronger, healthier plants. You can also soak bulbs and seeds in Maxicrop to increase its germination, reduce transplant shock, and improve the vigor of seedlings.



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