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Mills Nutrients

Mills Nutrients

Optimized Growth and More From Holland

About Mills Nutrients

Mills Nutrients prides itself on offering the next generation of pioneering development and research from Holland. Every aspect of nutrient production, including design, manufacturing, and bottling, take place in Holland.

The Mills Nutrients product line follows the simple two-part base from other Dutch systems, supplementing those with additives so your plants get exactly what they need. The entire line of Mills Nutrients products was created from the ground up to offer ease of use, versatility, and performance. Mills Nutrients pioneers biomineral plant nutrients, relying on organic and synthetic sources to together boost aroma, flavor, yield, and growth rates.

The products are the result of years of testing across hydroponics, coco-coir, and soil systems, as well as in systems that have beneficial biologics or are sterile and in a range of settings, from hobbyist to professional. The Base A&B is the base nutrient from Mills Nutrients and it works with all growing systems and mediums. You can supplement this with Star-R to add nitrogen during the vegetative stage, C4 as a bloom additive for flowering or fruiting plants, Ultimate PK as another bloom additive, or Vitalize as a high-silicate nutrient for any stage of plant life.

Mills Nutrients also offers several growing mediums, including DNA Ultimate Coco with Cork and DNA Ultimate Soil with Cork, both of which are ready to use mixes specially formulated by Mills Nutrients and DNA Genetics Amsterdam.



Aalsmeerderweg 249-K, 1432 CM Aalsmeer, Netherlands