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Mosca Seeds

Mosca Seeds

Quality Cannabis Genetics

About Mosca Seeds

Mosca Seeds is a cannabis seed bank that originated in the United States. It focuses on the old-school method of breeding using regular genetics with male and female plants. The company shows that there is always a demand for regular seeds.

All the regular seeds from Mosca Seeds are the result of meticulous work over time, which ensures stability in all of the crosses. This thoroughness helps the seeds maintain the top traits of their ancestors and improve quality in each new generation.

Mosca Seeds sells a vast range of seeds, including the world-famous Gorilla Glue and strains of all types crossed with Gorilla Glue. It also offers legendary strains that have always been popular, including Old Time Moonshine and Cinderella 99. Mosca Seeds has helped preserve both brands.

One of the standout strains in the Mosca Seeds library is the Original Indiana Bubblegum, which is among the most reputed clones in the country with a decade-long history in Europe and America. This strain is easy to grow and has high resin production, making it very popular for creating extracts. Other notable strains from Mosca Seeds include Blue Fin, Ripple, Raspberry Boogie, and Blue Iguana.

For more than a decade, Mosca Seeds has been producing strains of the highest quality, many of which have won numerous honors. These include multiple Cannabis Cups within Europe, the 2019 4/20 High Times Cup win in Sacramento, and multiple first place cups from IC Mag in Amsterdam.



Denver, CO, USA