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MTG Seeds

MTG Seeds

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About MTG Seeds

MTG Seeds is a cannabis genetics company that has been working in an eco-friendly environment using only natural and organically derived materials with some of the biggest medical marijuana farms and dispensaries in California since 1996.

The company started by using the finest California strains, but soon traveled the world to gather classic landrace and other various exotic genetics which have undergone an extensive breeding and testing program to produce a stabilized line. By implementing a male-female breeding project over many years, MTG Seeds has eliminated hermaphroditic tendencies along with strengthened mold and mildew resistance.

In addition to its carefully crafted strains, MTG Seeds has also developed a reputation for creating strains specifically designed for certain medical ailments. Through partnerships with medical marijuana dispensaries and testing labs, the company has been able to extensively profile the cannabinoid content of each strain and selectively breed for desired characteristics. MTG Seeds' Prezidential Kush, for example, is highly sought-after for its effectiveness in treating migraines. The company's Kingston Confidential, on the other hand, is known for its balanced THC and CBD content and its ability to reduce inflammation and ease symptoms of arthritis.

MTG Seeds is constantly working on new strains and researching the potential of cannabis as medicine. Whether a professional grower or a home enthusiast, the company has a strain that is right for everyone.