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Providing Vacuum Sealing Solutions

About NatureVak


NatureVak offers a range of solutions for storing your plants, including the buds or the flowers. The system includes bags of all sizes as well as machines to vacuum seal them.


Using the NatureVak products should prolong the freshness of cannabis plants and anything else stored within them. The bags are airtight and industrial-grade which make them perfect for storage.

You don't have to worry about potential breakage to the bags thanks to their tear-resistant and puncture-resistant plastic. At the same time, this plastic is fully flexible, making it simple to store and giving you confidence it will fit your product perfectly.

The bags are specifically designed to remain sealed even in harsh environments (humid, hot, cold). NatureVak also offers bags precut in 15 by 20 inches or 11 by 24 inches, or on a roll measuring 11 inches by 19.5 feet. Most bags are also available in black.


To make the most of the NatureVak bags, the company also sells their own range of sealers. The Economy Vacuum Sealer is a good choice for hobbyist growers and features an extended seal time function, automated vac and seal functions, and pulse vacuuming functions. It also works with vacuum bottle stoppers and canister sealing. Commercial growers will want the Commercial Vacuum Sealer or the Industrial Vacuum Sealer. These are similar but work more quickly and can put up with more vigorous use.



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