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Offering Growing Lights

About NextLight


NextLight offers growers a wide range of growing lights to meet their needs. They provide various categories of products, including LED growing lights, pallets, control systems, and par meters.


The company arrived during the 1990s, which was still the early days of LED lighting. Over the years, NextLight stayed up to date with LED innovations, even leading the way in many respects. Now, the company relies on modern white LEDs for a full and dynamic spectrum that gives growers the results they want.

Types of LED Lights

The Commercial Series from NextLight prides itself on being the most efficient product line with full-spectrum LED lights in the industry. The NextLight Mega, for example, only requires 650 watts yet covers 5 by 5 feet for flowers and 7 by 7 feet for vegetables. This series also features the NextLight Veg8 Switch and Core, which can provide improved efficiency while replacing fluorescent 8-tube T5s, and deliver improved intensity. It only needs 190 watts but has a 2 by 4 footprint for vegetables.

The Core only has 190 watts with a 4 by 4 footprint for vegetables and 3 by 3 for flowers. The Commercial Series also has impressive life span ratings of 100,000 hours.

Quality Control

To ensure all products meet high standards, NextLight gets the approval of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. This independent organization is a non-profit that creates and certifies testing standards and it has given NextLight the seal of approval.



1008 Seabrook Way, Cincinnati, OH 45245, USA