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NPK Industries

NPK Industries

Offering a Range of Microbes, Nutrients, and Supplements

About NPK Industries

NPK Industries has a full selection of everything that growers need to encourage their plants to thrive. There are specific microbes for both the Grow Stage and the Bloom Stage.

The microbes from NPK Industries include specific groups of beneficial fungi and bacteria that were formulated to assist plants in the relevant stage of growth. All of the RAW Microbes have been double-tested, in both the final blend and as the individual culture or species. You will also find RAW Enzymes and RAW Amino Acids.

The company also offers 14 different nutrients and supplements, such as B-Vitamin, silica, yucca, Full Up, kelp, potassium, Grow, and Bloom. The last two of these are all-in-one products to make growing even easier. RAW GROW, for example, features all of the 12 RAW Soluble plant nutrients from NPK Industries in a tested blend for convenience. RAW BLOOM serves a similar function but for the bloom stage of plants. You can also choose several NPK Industries products for plant care. MIGHTY kills all spider mites as well as their eggs while PM Wash helps plants remain vibrant and clean. Power Wash cleans plants naturally to remove residue that has built up from airborne particles or foliar sprays.



1600 Sky Park Dr #214, Medford, OR 97504, USA