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Nulife Technologies

Nulife Technologies

Using Research to Help Plants Thrive

About Nulife Technologies

Nulife Technologies prides itself as being the leader in Australian hydroponics nutrient manufacturing. The company relies on the latest tech advances in hydroponics to help indoor and home gardeners encourage their plants to thrive. In Australia, the company has the biggest selection of APMVA licensed products.

Nulife Technologies creates advanced nutrients and additives that are commercial grade, designed to assist professional and hobby growers alike. The company claims that its nutrients are 100 percent superior and 43 percent stronger, with competitive pricing.

The nutrients in the Nulife Technologies lineup work with all growing techniques to appeal to all growers. Everything is commercial grade, meaning it is of the highest quality. According to the company, using their products results in higher crop yields along with healthier plants.

The team behind Nulife Technologies features professional growers as well as a licensed chemist. This allows for extensive experience and knowledge. Thanks to the team, Nulife Technologies has created the largest range of products for hydroponics growers in Australia. Additionally, the team has published research to assist growers. In fact, Nulife Technologies offers a range of free information for growers, whether or not they are clients, including a grower’s guide and tips.



Tullamarine VIC 3043, Australia