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Family-owned Provider of Premium Products

About Nutrifield

Nutrifield is a family-owned Australia business that opened in 2004. Since then, the company has provided the horticultural industry with premium products for agricultural and hydroponic applications.

The company appeals to growers of all experience levels and all scales. The products are all based on the research of expert scientists. The company recently expanded its laboratory to a larger state-of-the-art facility to meet international growers’ demands. The grow facilities are also larger now, allowing research and development to create new products more quickly.

The Pro Pot system is one of the better-known products from Nutrifield. This system has three stackable pots so you can customize your hydroponic setup in an adjustable, scalable, and customizable way. Other popular products include the range of liquid nutrients, biostimulants, and high-quality substrates. The product range delivers flexibility for growers and farmers, including support throughout all stages of plant development. Those who grow organic products will appreciate that Nutrifield is certified organic.

You can find a range of products from Nutrifield regardless of the growing medium that you use. There are categories of products for coco, hydro, and soil, offering something for everyone. You will find things like coco organic plant substrates, coco chips, coco perlite, coco bricks, and hydro clay. These are in addition to the range of nutrients, including A&B products, and additives.



52 Technology Dr, Sunshine West VIC 3020, Australia