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Oregon's Only

Oregon's Only

Providing Nutrients for Growers

About Oregon's Only

The team at Oregon’s Only is made up of hobbyists, farmers, and gardeners in search of discovering the healthiest and most effective methods for growing high-quality vegetables and fruits.

The product lineup began with Nectar for the Gods, which was originally called Harvest Moon. The cofounder first brewed this nutrient in small batches in his garage. At first, there were only a handful of products, aimed to appeal to home gardeners. Gaia Mania was an original product and designed to be a standalone nutrient. The original lineup also included Zeus Juice, Demeter’s Destiny, and Medusa’s Magic. Oregon’s Only expanded its lineup as the team identified more needs of gardeners. The company aimed to meet the needs of growers while giving them complete control over how complex they make their gardening programs.

All of the Oregon’s Only products are still handcrafted and brewed in small batches, with real people (not machines) bottling them. The products are environmentally friendly and the manufacturing process includes almost no waste production. The company also conserves energy and has extensive green space in its production process.



3661 Olympic St, Springfield, OR 97478, USA
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