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Oxygen Pot Systems

Oxygen Pot Systems

Providing Premium Hydroponics Grow Systems

About Oxygen Pot Systems

Oxygen Pot Systems offers premium indoor grow systems for hydroponics that gardens of all scales and sizes can appreciate. The systems are high performance to maximize yields, so expect a great return on investment.

Products Offered

The lineup includes drain and flood systems that include breathable fabric pots to offer growers benefits over plastic pots. Fabric pots tend to boost yields, allow for air pruning on the roots, boost growth rates, improve nutrient uptake, and more. Hobbyists, commercial growers on a large scale, and everyone in between can find products from Oxygen Pot Systems to meet their needs. Products include full systems with your choice of the number of pots and replacement pots so you can keep using the same system for years to come. There are also commander modules, so you are in full control of the system and kits for multiple sites. To supplement those systems, Oxygen Pot Systems also offers light controllers for four or eight lights.

Company Info

The company manufactures its products in Southern California, a location chosen for its status as the global hydroponic innovation hub. The team is made up of veteran engineers and growers with more than 20 years of experience perfecting hydroponic systems and growing methods.



41606 Date St #201, Murrieta, CA 92562, USA