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Phantom Grow Lights

Phantom Grow Lights

Providing Growing Lights

About Phantom Grow Lights

Company Overview

Phantom is one of the many brands from Hydrofarm, a company with more than 40 years of experience. The Phantom brand features reflectors and ballasts, supplementing other high-quality horticultural lighting. You will find models that are traditional as well as double-ended versions.

Products Offered

The lineup began with the Phantom and the Phantom II ballasts. Those products have silent operation, precise microprocessor control, and adjustable output control. The original ballast set new standards and has internal RF shielding, three-way mounting choices, extruded aluminum fins to maximize cooling efficiency, and a built-in Lock & Seal lamp cord. From there, Phantom developed more models, including the latest double-ended ballasts.

You can find the Phantom brand reflectors in two choices, either the DE model or a traditional single-ended socket type model. Either of these reflectors will give you an air-cooled product with sealing and latched lens systems.

They also both have interiors made of 99.85-percent pure European hammertone aluminum for 95 percent reflectivity. The reflectors also feature a powder-coated body that is pre-galvanized, maximizing durability and strength. Commercial growers can also find commercial DE lighting systems from Phantom. Those include the ballasts and reflectors, along with Agrosun DE lamps.



2249 S McDowell Blvd Ext, Petaluma, CA 94954, USA
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