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Providing Filters, Fans, and Mufflers

About Phat

Phat is a product lineup from Hydrofarm, taking advantage of the parent company’s more than 40 years of experience.

The Phat products include carbon filters to remove odors, fans to easily move air, and mufflers to quiet that fan noise. Phat Filters are professional-grade greenhouse filters designed to get rid of even the foulest growing odors.

The products feature special carbon from deep in the earth and steam activated at high temperatures. You won't have to worry about any hazardous compounds since they never come into contact with the unit during activation. This gives you a quality product that is good for the planet.

The filters’ non-pelletized carbon does not include any binders or glue, something that increases its filtering capacity. The tightly packed design of the carbon maximizes porosity and therefore filtering power. The outer aluminum mesh increases airflow via its 53-percent open area.

Phat Fans are highly powerful and rely on mix-flow technology with a unique aerodynamic design for maximum efficiency and performance. The fans have UL-recognized components, attached mounting brackets, 8-foot power cords, powerful internal drive motors, and high CFM ratings. You can choose from four sizes, ranging 6–10 inches.

The brand’s Phat Mufflers are the most widely recognized Duct & Fan Muffler measuring four inches available internationally. The aluminum outer shell is rustproof and lightweight while the use of glass fiber maximizes the noise reduction coefficient. Further sound reduction comes from the inner end flange taper of 45 degrees.



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