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About Plagron

Plagron began in 1992 as a small worm farm. Today, the company is a leader among international companies selling high-quality and organic products. Plagron products are designed to appeal to every single type of grower, from beginners to experts who grow for a living.

Products from Plagron include high-quality substrates, additives, and basic nutrients. There are universal products as well as those that work best for specific substrates. Lines include 100% Natural, 100% Terra, 100% Coco, 100% Hydro, and Universal.

You can also sort the products by basic nutrients, additives, or substrates. There are coco and terra substrates. Base nutrients include Cocos A&B, HydroA&B, Terra Bloom, Terra Grow, Alga Bloom, and Alga Grow. The additives can serve a range of purposes from boosting the smell, soil life, taste, or more to enhancing the growth phase to improving the plants’ resistance so they remain healthier.

With 17 additives in total, there is something for every type of grower, regardless of your crop or substrate. You can also opt for a package to get you started with a range of Plagron products, including the products that you need for your specific growing application.

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