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Plant Magic

Plant Magic

Providing Nutrients for Hydroponics

About Plant Magic

Plant Magic offers a range of products that naturally promote plant development, ensure overall crop health, and enhance growth. The company is committed to providing the plants with the necessary nutrients to boost their fertility.

The lineup is unique in the way that the Plant Magic fertilizers and nutrients encourage microbial activity. The products are able to activate more quickly thanks to the natural stimulants, bacteria, and fungi. This results in healthy plant growth right away since plants can receive the essential macro and major nutrients. The products also ensure plants get enough trace elements, which is not always the case with other nutrients on the market. For versatility, the Plant Magic products are designed to work with either soft or hard water, so anyone can use the products regardless of their water situation.

There are dozens of products in the Plant Magic lineup, including hydroponic nutrients, soil nutrients, coco nutrients, “problem solvers,” root boosters, flower boosters, organic plant nutrients, and growing media. The growing media spans coco coir, peat plugs, and soil. Regardless of the product you choose, you will feed your plant secondary nutrients and trace elements in addition to the nutrients found in other competing products. The lineup’s flexibility means there are options to boost your yield and quality of plants whether you grow with soil, coco, or hydroponics. The problem solvers are particularly useful for helping your plants fight disease and pests, ensuring growth and strength.



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