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Plant Success Organics

Plant Success Organics

Improving Soil Biology

About Plant Success Organics

Plant Success Organics aims to improve the soil biology for growers, which then boosts the health and yield of plants. The company’s products are designed to help restore land and soil. The idea behind the products is that Mother Nature knows what to do to maximize plant health, so if you make the soil healthy, the plants will be as well.

The team behind Plant Success Organics chose the fungi and bacteria that live in the soil and are most beneficial to home gardens. These chosen organisms help cycle nutrients, extend root systems, reduce the water needs, and reduce fertilizer needs, among other benefits. The company packs each product blend fresh so you can enjoy optimization in your soil colonization. The products are crucial for holistic and natural gardening. Furthermore, all products are OIM organic and 100 percent OMRI listed.

Growers can choose from a soluble or a granular product depending on their preferences and growing medium. Both contain trichoderma, bacteria, and mycorrhizae to improve the health of established plants via beneficial soil microbes. You can water Plant Success Organics Soluble with ease, instantly bringing those beneficial microbes into the soil. It works well for a range of plants, climates, and soils and you just mix it with water during application. Plant Success Organics Granular is similar, with the soil microbes symbiotically combining with the organic plant food, improving root and plant growth. It also works with a range of soils, plants, and climates. To apply it, just sprinkle the granules into your soil.



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