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Platinum LED

Platinum LED

Providing Powerful Grow Lights

About Platinum LED

Platinum LED gives growers a range of incredibly powerful grow lights. The brand is proud to offer the highest PAR intensity, maximum spectral efficiency, proven results, and a five-year warranty.

The lights from Platinum LED feature strong PAR intensity, with PAR standing for Photosynthetic Active Radiation. This is one of the brand’s strongest points and it has the tests and videos to back up the figures listed.

The ability of Platinum LED grow lights to offer the top PAR per watt of all LED grow lights currently available comes from its use of top-bin US-made diodes and ultra-efficient drivers.

The Platinum LED lights are also ultra-efficient. The lights use all of the power for actual growth by matching the lights’ spectral output to the photosynthetic absorption curve. This is a sharp contrast to white LED, COBB-based LED, and HID lights, which you cannot tune, leading to wasted power for heat and consumption.

Thanks to the efficiency of the Platinum LED spectral output, the company’s grow lights produce more growing power while dropping the heat and electricity use by over half compared to other lights.

Additionally, Platinum LED has a finely tuned spectrum on its lights, leading to the maximum photosynthetic response. The spectrums have 12 or 14 bands and feature narrow band diodes and an exacting array for the best possible light absorption. That translates into larger flowers, fruits, and yields.



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