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Control Boxes for Growers


POWERBOX offers a range of control boxes perfect for growers. All of the models are designed to be quick and simple to install.

When it comes time to service the unit, just remove the front panel for easy access. There is also a direct wire with knockouts on every side.

For durability and no downtime, the construction of the POWERBOX products is bulletproof. Choose to set up your POWERBOX with a single phase or with three phases. There are 12 outlets with a 120-volt trigger cord operation.

You can find a model in your preferred voltage, with choices including 120, 208, 240, 277, and 480 volts. POWERBOX designs all of its products at its California location before building them to the company’s exacting standards.

The POWERBOX lighting controllers and timers let you manage and control the power for your growing space in a safe way, so your operations always stay up and running. The company claims its FLIPBOX light switches are the top HID light switching devices you can find anywhere. They use all the available power 24/7 for maximum productivity while letting you half the number of ballasts you use. The POWERBOX electronic ballasts minimize electric consumption while maximizing lighting output. Finally, the POWERBOX GroLite Reflectors have been fine-tuned to optimize the footprint while maximizing reflectivity.



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