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Providing LED Lighting for Growers

About PowerPAR

One of many product lines and brands from Hydrofarm, PowerPAR, offers growers LED lighting options to meet their needs. Although the PowerPAR product line is small, it has enough to attract most growers.

The PowerPAR LED Shop Light is more economical in terms of operational costs than fluorescent shop lights while giving you the same benefits. It is also lighter than traditional T8 lights, making it simple to install or hang in your various work areas for growing, including potting areas. Its color output is a superior full spectrum to give you the right amount of color in the workspace while being easy on the eyes.

The 4000K color temperature is also perfect for vegetative growth and seeding.

The PowerPAR Commercial 4’ LED Fixture is energy-efficient and powerful, great for applications like propagation flats and hydroponics. Enjoy the ideal color temperature, high output, energy efficiency, and a precise design.

This combination of features makes it popular for general growing phases as well as seed starting. It has 131 lumens per watt for 21,000 initial lumens, plus a conveniently long 8-foot power cord.

You can even connect multiple units via a daisy chain cable or hang the unit easily with the included hardware.



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