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Precision Indoor Plants

Precision Indoor Plants

Creating Nutritious and Flavorful Crops

About Precision Indoor Plants

PIP or Precision Indoor Plants was created by the FFAR (Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research) and is a public and private partnership. The goal of PIP is to produce new crops that are nutritious and flavorful, specifically designed for growing inside. This consortium focuses on innovative technology and science to allow for the production of crops of consistent quality and high value.

The team at FFAR feels that agriculture needs to evolve to feed the quickly growing population of the world. It also feels that the best way to do this is by combining the efforts of the public and the private. It includes producers, researchers, universities, foundations, nonprofits, governments, and more. The idea behind PIP is to create plants that are nutritious and can be grown anywhere, regardless of climate or geography.

One of the focuses of PIP is controlled environment agriculture (CEA), which it sees as a promising method of growing plants. This method also has opportunities to improve flavor, crop quality, nutritional quality, and the production of phytochemicals that may be profitable. Most other efforts look to the energy costs and production systems for CEA, but PIP focuses on the plants themselves.



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