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Primordial Solutions

Primordial Solutions

Providing Low Costs and Higher Yields

About Primordial Solutions

Primordial Solutions provides a range of products that are designed to accelerate the rooting, growth, fruiting, and flowering phases of the plants. At the same time, they naturally balance the chemistry and biology of the soil. The company has been providing soil solutions since 1996, offering products that maximize soil microorganisms’ effectiveness.

The lineup of products from Primordial Solutions work to eliminate most stress that affects crop development via traditional fertilization. The products cause the microbiology in the soil to respond positively, which allows for more rapid release of nutrients. Thanks to a newly balanced mineral and microbial pool, there is improved soil biomass, greater soil biodiversity, more organic matter, fewer plant pathogens, and more natural PGRs. You need fewer pesticides as well. The result is that Primordial Solutions should lead to superior quality, maximum crop expression, and higher yields.

There are specific products in the Primordial Solutions lineup for various stages and with different purposes. Rootamentary, for example, stimulates root growth and works in all developmental stages. Sea Green also works for all stages and is a compost extract that improves nutrient availability. Sea Green Hydro is similar but designed for hydroponics. True Blooms is for the flowering stage, creating more flowering sites. Paleobloom works in the same stage and is biologically time-released. The latest product, TERP GERP is for finishing to get the most from the flowers.



501 S Reino Rd, Newbury Park, CA 91320, USA