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Professional Trimmers and Other Growing Tools

About Pro-Cut

Pro-Cut offers a range of professional trimmers perfect for growers who want high productivity and great value.

The trimmers allow for the efficient removal of extra twigs and leaves from your various flowers and plants. These trimmers are designed to be quiet and economical.

There are three variations of the Pro-Cut trimmer to choose from, including two electric versions and one with a hand crank. The trimmers are robust with high productivity as well as safe, quiet, and simple to use. They have sturdy stainless-steel construction and a heavy-duty direct-drive motor.

There is a sealed bearing assembly and rubber fingers that are long-lasting. The Pro-Cut Dry XL Leaf Trimmer is perfect for professionals, letting you trim dry plants.

There is a pure trim without any need for lubricant, a ventilated gearbox motor, and a 15-minute built-in timer so you do not accidentally leave the trimmer running. The Pro-Cut Fast Leaf Trimmer also has high productivity and adjustable blades to fit the specific needs of your plant. The Pro-Cut P2X Leaf Trimmer has similar features but as twice as large as the Fast Leaf Trimmer for extra-high productivity.