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Professor's Nutrients

Professor's Nutrients

Offering High-quality Products

About Professor's Nutrients

Professor’s Nutrients began during the early 1990s and offers formulas designed to increase the yields in hydroponics. The goal of the company was to create a fully functional hydroponic range that also worked well with any feeding program. The solutions were designed to work in Australian conditions as that is where the company is located.

Before releasing products, the team conducts field testing and research. The ultimate goal is to deliver a product range with guaranteed powerful results, straightforward use, and premium quality. Since the plant nutrient was so successful, Professor’s Nutrients expanded the brand to include high-quality additives that maximize performance. These include single nutrients as well as products for specific goals, like flowering and vegetative boosters, enhancers, root growers, deficiency preventers, and products for propagation.

Professor’s Nutrients prides itself on staying up to date with the latest innovations in the hydroponics industry. The propagation stage includes Starter Soak and Cloning Accelerator to ensure the plants get the best start possible. Go Green has been rated as a top plant deficiency repairer. Go Roots includes a systemic fungicide, humic acid, and fulvic acid, encouraging root growth while protecting from diseases. Grow Fast is nitrogen-based and accelerates plant growth. Extreme Boost and Flower Boost increase the yield during the blooming stage.

Between the various products from Professor’s Nutrients, there are options for both an organic and a non-organic feeding program. In addition to the previously mentioned products, others include Resin Clean, pH Up & Down, and coco substrates.