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Quantum Growth

Quantum Growth

Boosting Plants With Natural Microorganisms

About Quantum Growth

The Quantum Growth Series is a product line as a subsidiary of the Ecological Laboratories, Inc. brand. The products are made in a state-of-the-art laboratory in Cape Coral, Florida.

The product range offers growers a range of combinations of microorganisms that grow naturally and share traits that maximize plant enhancements. These organisms go into the plant’s vascular system and root zone, assisting with the transportation, holding, and breaking down of water and nutrients. The products’ photosynthetic strains can convert the sun’s radiant energy into the energy plants need to grow. The other organisms can help unlock chemical bonds to make nutrient uptake easier.

Using the Quantum Growth Series will replace microorganisms naturally in the soil that have been depleted via overuse of chemicals, fumigation, harvesting, and/or tilling. This is the only shelf-stable biological product available and has vegetative and photosynthetic cultures without growth inhibitors.

There are seven Quantum products to choose from, including various stages of plant growth. You can choose one that features photosynthetic organisms, an OMRI-certified organic version of that, one with spore-forming cultures, or another formula.



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